Everyone is welcome to register, regardless of prior knowledge. However, we cannot guarantee availability, but we´ll do our best to set up groups and establish a training schedule as early as possible. We will inform you through our Facebook page and e-mail.

LAST REGISTRATION DAY: Wednesday 2/8. But it is possible to register after the last registration date, however, we can not guarantee you a spot.

TRAINING HOURS: Monday to Thursday 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm.
LOCATION: Hyllie Sports Center


Training options:

Exercise -1 training / week (SEK 1250 + membership fee)

Beginner - 1 workout / week (SEK 1150 + membership fee)

Free play - 1 workout / week without a coach (700 SEK + membership fee)

Sats - 2 workouts / week (SEK 2200 + membership fee)
Membership fee - 450 SEK


If you are under 20 and want to play with us, read more and register under "Children & Youth"

  • Spring term (Jan-April): Registration for the spring term usually opens in mid-November and the last registration is at the beginning of December.

  • Autumn term (Sep-Dec): The application usually opens in mid-July and the last application in mid-August.

  • Summer: Registration for summer courses usually come out in March / April.


Information about when the notifications open is always posted on our website and Facebook. If the registration period has expired, you can add a subsequent registration. Then you end up in our reserve list and you are contacted if there should be a vacancy. 

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