Malmö Beach Volleyball Club arranges training all year round for both seniors (20+) and children and youth up to 20 years. If you have never played beach volleyball or are a beginner, we recommend taking the beginners course. You who are more comfortable with the technique can choose between 1 or 2 sessions a week. During the summer months (May-August) we play outdoors and during the winter we play indoors at Hyllie Sportcenter.


Are you under 20 years old?

Information about children and youth training, prices and registration


The registration for training in spring 2022 is closed. You can submit a late registration, please email us at if you do so. 

DEADLINE: November 23

TRAINING PERIOD: January 10 - April 17
LOCATION: Hyllie Sportcenter, Bollspelsvägen 3, 216 25 Malmö
TIMES: Various hours and days



  • If there is a day you know you can not train,please write it in the form. Your registration is otherwise binding and applies subject to availability.

  • Remember that attendance is required if you are registered for a group. If you are ill, a coach must be contacted before training. Communication is usually via messenger or text message.

  • Training takes place in all weathers! The only exception is thunder and storm.


The registration for summer period 1 2022 will open in March/April.

How much does it cost?

SUMMER TRAINING Beginners (1 session / week) SEK 895 Training MOTION (1 session / week) SEK 895
Training SATS (2 sessions / week) SEK 1790 Free play (1 session / week without coach) SEK 300 (1 training period = 8 weeks, 1 session = 1.5 h) AUTUMN AND SPRING TRAINING Beginners (1 session / week) SEK 900 Training MOTION (1 session / week) SEK 1250
Training SATS (2 sessions / week) SEK 2200 Brasse (1 session / week without coach) SEK 700 Free play (1 session / week without coach) SEK 900 (1 training period = 14 weeks, 1 session = 1.5 h) MEMBERSHIP FEE PER YEAR SEK 450 for membership is paid every year. If you want to compete, the cost of a competition license is included in your membership - but you must activate the license.

Is the registration binding?

Your registration is binding, which means that you can not withdraw your registration after the deadline for registration has expired. Valid reasons for withdrawing are:

  • Injury with a medical certificate
  • Pregnancy that prevents exercise
  • Got a job elsewhere
  • Children who registered without the parent's approval
Only if you have specified requirements for training time / day, and we can not fulfill this, you can withdraw your application. In that case, we will contact you.

How is the training divided thoughout the year?

AUTUMN AND SPRING SEMESTER During autumn and spring, we play beach volleyball indoors at Hyllie Sportcenter. The autumn term runs from September to December. The spring semester runs from January to April. Training times: Monday to Thursday at 17: 30-22: 00 SUMMER: MAY-JUNE AND JULY-AUGUST Summer training is divided into two periods: May-June and July-August, with 8 or 16 sessions per period (depending on whether you play once or twice a week). You make one registration per period. During the summer, we play outdoors (almost regardless of the weather) at Malmö IP or in Västra hamnen. See in the schedule where your group plays. Training times: Monday to Thursday at 17.30 to 20:30

How do I pay?

When the training period starts, we will send out invoices to registered members via email.

Where do I find training groups and schedule?

Training groups and schedule (in swedish)
Groups and schedules are sent out via email approximately 3 weeks before the start of training.

What type of trainings can I choose from?

Beginners - For new players, mix ladies / men. Motion - Exercise once a week. SATS - Training twice a week for players who want to bet on developing Free play (fritt spel) - Exercise once a week without a trainer (can not be combined with motion) Brasse - Training located on Fridays or Saturdays without a coach with specific exercises, SATS players are given priority.

Do we play in groups with mixed genders?

The beginner groups are mixed women / men. Motion, SATS and other groups are divided into women and men respectively as the net height differs.