About us

Malmö Beach Volley Club, also called MBC, is an association that targets beach volleyball and operates in Malmö. MBC was founded around 2003 by some active players who wanted to arrange training during the winter season and thus drove the construction of a new indoor facility at Malmö Municipality's Culture and Leisure. Skåne's Volleyball Association was involved during the start-up and sought EU funding. In November 2003, Bellevuehallens (today Hyllie Sportcenter) had three indoor beach volleyball pitches ready and since then the interest in the sport has increased.


MBC is a club with about 500 members (active and support members). We do outdoor training in the spring and summer months and during the winter we rent ourselves at Hyllie Sportcenter, which has three indoor courses. We are a non-profit association with a board that works for the interests of its members.


Malmö Beachvolley Club
c/o Hyllie sportcenter
Bollspelsvägen 3
216 25 Malmö

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