MBC:s competitions are held at Scaniabadet in Västra Hamnen, at Gamla IP or at Ribersborgsstranden at "T-bryggan". You can find the location for the competition at the events on Facebook in advance.

In the Swedish Volleyball Association's season calendar, the dates for the season's competitions are stated. You register via the season calendar (profixio) and a valid competition license for both players is required to be able to register the team. If Open competitions are full, it is always first come first served. At Challenger, it is "entry points" and wild cards that decide whether you can play or not. To compete, a Swedish competition license is required.


To compete in one of Malmö Beach Volleyball Club's competitions, it is required that your registration fee is paid. Your application is only approved when the payment is completed. For Open competitions, it is first come, first served when registering. For Challenger, it is sufficient that the payment is made before the registration is closed.


In order for a deregistration to be valid, it must be notified to the competition leader before the end of the registration period or upon presentation of a medical certificate. If none of these requirements is met, the organizer has the right to keep the registration fee.

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