Malmö Beach Volleyball Club arranges training all year round for both seniors (20+) and children and youth up to 20 years. If you have never played beach volleyball or are a beginner, we recommend taking the beginners course. You who are more comfortable with the technique can choose between 1 or 2 sessions a week. During the summer months (May-July) we play outdoors and during the winter we play indoors at Hyllie Sportcenter.


Are you under 20 years old?

Information about children and youth training, prices and registration


The registration for the summer trainings closed on March 25. You can submit a late registration, please email us at if you do so. 

TRAINING PERIOD: May 2 - July 24

LOCATION: Hästhagen IP

SPRING TRAINING 2022 - ongoing

TRAINING PERIOD: January 10 - April 17
LOCATION: Hyllie Sportcenter, Bollspelsvägen 3, 216 25 Malmö



  • If there is a day you know you can not train, please write it in the form. Your registration is otherwise binding and applies subject to availability.

  • Remember that attendance is required if you are registered for a group. If you are ill, a coach must be contacted before training. Communication is usually via messenger or text message.

  • Training takes place in all weathers! The only exception is thunder and storm.